Episode Fifteen

October 25, 2017
Uncle Gary Kurdistan special guest

We bring in only the best here at Radio Squid Jigger. Not me or Josh of course. We’re low rent types forever. But on occasion we know the right people even if we aren’t the right people. This week is an example. An old friend of ours was actually in Iraqi Kurdistan on the day of the recent referendum. Right there! In the midst! Oh, how us little squid jiggers wish we could have tagged along.

The history of the Middle East is filled with impossible turns of fortune. The most powerful tyrant can become a slave, just as one day a beggar might become king. Right now it looks like the Kurdistan Regional Government may have over egged the custard a bit, as the Brits say, by calling an independence vote. But the final chapter of that novel is yet to be put to the page. All that said, right here at Radio Squid Jigger you can listen in for some first hand experience as that story was being made.

NB: Our first attempt at a conference call trifecta (Gary, Josh, TCB) had some pretty serious audio problems. Not that Radio Squid Jigger is Noah Adams and Tom Ashbrook to begin with. But it was really a bit of a mess this time. We’ll get it better, but we don’t want to get prissy about sound when we have a conversation this grand. Just listen, you’ll soon forget the phasing and here and there hard edits.