Episode Thirteen

September 24, 2017
Catalan independence Kurdistan Rohingya lost episode

. . . . . and one goes missing . . . . . .

Here at Radio Squid Jigger we try to keep the episodes just like the world. Fast and furious. Ausgezeichnet and Auslander. Ready when you are and bite sized. But once in a while the world doesn’t cooperate, and this once was one of those whiles.

Episode twelve is gone. Kaput. It is no more. It is lost, like tears in rain. But that shall not stop us, no sir!. We’re back this week getting you ready for not one but two yes TWO controversial, potentially incendiary votes about identity. Just how Spanish is Catalonia, and just how Iraqi are the Kurds? Only the ballots may tell. After that, we do another spin around one of the horrible, predictable, and probably preventable ethnic cleansings in the world.

It’s not always good news here at Radio Squid Jigger, but we try at least to keep everyone up to date.