Squid Jigger Reboot

August 14, 2017
reboot Josh + Thad site USA

Welcome to the Radio Squid Jigger reboot. We sund a little more time into ironing out kinks (PHRASING!) and think that all that kinked up stuff is now way behind us (PHRASING!).

This episode was recorded the first week of August, and took a bit more ‘time to market’ than we had planned, but it is still relevant. Despite all of the screaming and yelling on the US, almost all of it inside one echo chamber or another, the rest of the world keeps spinning. That’s what worlds do, they keep on spinning. And as long as they do and we can spare the time, we’ll tell you about it.

If you get a minute, please check out our twitter feed, our parteon page, and drop us a note via the interwebs. We’d love to hear from you.